How to transfer image files to Camera Roll?

Please enter Files➜Choose the image you want to transfer to Camera Roll➜Tap ">" beside the image name➜Open with Other Apps➜Save to Camera Roll.

How do I identify the browser as another different one like Safari? How do I set the browser to load desktop sites instead of the mobile site?

Please go to Action Menu (iPhone/iPod Touch then need go to Function)➜User Agent➜Select a bowser to disguise. Notice: Flash cannot show because the mobile devices of Apple don't support Flash Player.

The browser does not resume on my startup.

Please enter Action Menu➜Settings (SettingsX2 for iPhone/iPod version)➜Startup Screen➜Check your Startup setting. If this still cannot work, it is might because you've turned into Private Mode. Please check whether the address field is in violet or not. If it is, please enter Action Menu➜Turn off Private Mode (It will in blue if it is activated).

How to change my download's name or folder?

Open Action Menu➜Settings➜ Files➜ Tap “>” of the file you want to rename or replace➜ Choose "Change Name or Folder".

New URLs are always open in a new tab. I want them open in current tab.

Please long press to open a URL in a new tab and tap quickly and swiftly to open the URL in current tab.

How use Passcode lock?

You can find it in Action Menu➜Settings➜Privacy➜Turn on Passcode➜ Enter your passcode (Caution: If you forget this passcode, the only method to solve the lock is to reinstall the app).

How do I clear the Mercury Browser cache?

Mercury will automatically clear cache.

How to Change Google Search Results into UK version?

Please edit Google search engine and enter this URL instead:[email protected]@

If you don’t know how to edit search engines, please view this:

How to clear cookies?

Please enter Action Menu➜Settings➜Privacy Options➜Clear Cookies.

How to switch into other Evernote accounts?

Please enter Action Menu➜Settings➜Sharing Services➜Sign out Evernote account.

How to transfer files to desktop computer?

You can transfer files stored in Mercury via iTunes File Sharing or Wi-Fi Transfer.

For iTunes File Sharing, please follow the link for detail instructions: a(href="") iTunes File Sharing Help

For Wi-Fi Transfer, please tap the “Wi-Fi” button in the app to start Wi-Fi sharing service, and then follow the instructions in the page: WiFi Help

The app open all the tabs automatically on startup. What is the problem?

This is because you’ve activated “Private Browsing”.

Please disable “Private Browsing” or Mercury will continue to close the tabs automatically.

The app open all the tabs automatically on startup. What is the problem?

This is because you set “Bookmarks” as the “Startup Options”.

Please go to Settings and change “Startup Options” to “Last Session”.

How to save and auto fill password?

When you tap the username input field on a web page, you can find two buttons “Save” and “Fill” on the top bar of the keyboard.

After you input the username and password for the first time, you can press button “Save” to save your input.

When you come to the same page next time, you can tap the username field to bring up the keyboard and then tap “Fill” button to let the app fill the username and password for you.

This feature actually not only works for username and password, but also works any form on web page.

How to import Bookmark from desktop browser?

You can do it with the following steps:

  • 1. Export bookmarks from desktop browser to a bookmark file.
  • IE: follow the instructions: Export Bookmarks

    Safari: Open Menu “File” -> “Export Bookmarks” and click “Save” button to save the bookmark file.

    FireFox: Click on the “Bookmark” menu and select “Manage Bookmarks…”. In case of FireFox 3.6.2 select “Organize Bookmarks…”. Click on the “File” menu and select “Export” in the window that pops up. In case of FireFox 3.6.2, click on “Import and Backup”, select “Export HTML” and save the file.

  • 2. Transfer the bookmark file into the root folder of the app via iTunes file sharing.
  • Connect the device with your desktop computer and launch iTunes. Select your device in iTunes and go to tab “Apps”. Select “Mercury” in “File Sharing” section and click “Add…” button then select the bookmark file.

  • 3. Launch app
  • For iPhone: tap “Settings” button on toolbar and go to “Settings” tab. Then go to “Bookmark Options” -> “Import Bookmarks” -> “File” and select the bookmark file. Tap “Import” button.

    For iPad: tap “Action” button and select “Settings”, go to “Functions” -> “Import Bookmarks” -> “File” and select the bookmark file. Tap “Import” button.

    The bookmarks will be imported into “Imported Bookmarks” folder in bookmark manager.

  • 4. Go to bookmark manager to move the bookmarks out of “Imported Bookmarks”
  • Can I set Mercury as default web browser?

    iOS does not provide the option to customize default web browser.

    At this moment, you can install “Mercury Bookmarklet” into Safari to open links with Mercury from Safari.

    Please follow the steps to install “Mercury Bookmarklet” into Safari:

  • 1. Launch Mercury
  • 2. Go to settings screen
  • 3. For iPhone, tap “Bookmark Options” and then tap “Install Mercury Bookmarklet” and follow the instructions.For iPad, tap “Functions” on the left panel and then tap “Install Mercury Bookmarklet” and follow the instructions.
  • Cannot watch videos?

    Have a try to switch User Agent to see whether it can work or not.

    Generally speaking, choose Safari can solve the problem.

    If not, it means that the video format is unsupported by iOS.

    Why I “Failed to save image”?

    Please enter iOS system Settings ➜ Privacy ➜ Photos ➜ Turn on Mercury.

    How to recover recently closed tab?

    Tap and hold the '+' button to recover recently closed tab.
    You can also see:
    Picture on Twitter Picture on Facebook

    Cannot sync with Chrome?

    Please check your encryption option by going to Chrome “Settings” ➜ “Advanced Sync Settings” .

    Mercury does not support encryption for bookmarks at this moment.

    Does Mercury support JavaScript?

    Yes. Please create a new bookmark, then copy JavaScript in to the URL field then it will be available when you click the bookmark.

    Relevant Chapter: Javascript and URL Scheme

    Does Mercury support flash player?

    Currently not. Flash Player is unsupported by Apple’s mobile devices.

    How can I open a PDF in Mercury and use other apps to read it?

    You can online read a PDF. If you want to save it & use other apps to read it, you should download it first.

    Please download PDFs by these steps: “Function” ➜ “Files”➞”Download”and create a new download ➜ input file name & file link and save it. Then you can find it in Filter, long pressing it to choose an app to open it.